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United Safety Training Systems grew from a single incident back in 2013 when my wife called me and said someone was trying to break into the house. Now, you would think this would be a call in the middle of the night, but this call was made at 10:43 AM. It was a cold November morning, and I was in Chicago on a business trip, as I often was away from home. My wife, in a panicked voice, didn't ask what to do, she simply said someone is trying to break in. I was in shock that she wasted this time to call me! I replied, "Don't call me, call 911", then said, "I love you," and hung up. 

Now in my head, you hear it takes police on average 12 minutes to respond, now give them a few minutes to get the situation under control, say 10 minutes. Tha'ts 22 minutes that I felt I should be hearing from my wife. It was forty-seven minutes later when she called and said all was ok. That was the worst 47 minutes of my life. Every possible scenario went through my head.  I knew I put her in that situation. We never gave two seconds of thought about what if. I told my wife from this day forward I am going to do the research neccessary to give her what training and products are needed to prevent this from happening again.

Now after a month of indepth research what I discovered was horrifying to be honest. Horrifying that the training in "Self Defense" was horrible. There was no one educating women on how to truly protect themselves. No company giving women insight into the facts, the data, the mindset of the criminal. No one was offering a full picture. It was simply a Martial Arts based training which usually lasts one day and is a four to six hour course. Its not that Martial Arts is bad, its that one session is not going to keep you safe, and the data bares that out. 

Statistically only 13% of women successfully escaped a forced rape attack, and a percentage of those attempts were interupted, not successfully defended against. So I started this to educate women on their best chance of defending themselves against rape with a program based on data, facts, and interviews with victims, perpertrators, and authorities who investigate these crimes. 

Our workshop training was so well recieved we were asked to develop programs for other areas such as active shooter, bullying, and harassement. We now even train law enforcement, security proffessionals, school SRO's, and corporate clients on preventing workplace violence. We offer live training events, online training modules with tests, live online events, and now we offer the latest technology in Virtual Reality situational training at your location which ends the need to spend training budget on travel expenses.

We offer the latest technology in the prevention of violence that puts us way in front of others in preventing violence, before the person picks up the weapon. Simply put, we are your best resource for personal safety.

United Safety Training Systems grew from one person with a noble goal to a staff that includes:

  • Instructors with past leadership positions in local law enforcement 
  • SWAT members 
  • SWAT Tactical instructors
  • FBI Agents
  • FBI undercover agents 
  • Working relationships with Deptartment of Justice and Homeland Security. 

We are not members of any associations allowing us to be impartial of influence or bias.

We look forward to you becoming apart of our family.

William Morgan, CEO

United Safety Training Systems

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