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We do our research before we choose a product to offer. When it comes to "Home Security Systems" What you wouldn't think as important is probably the most important. If you purchase a security system and the signal comes from the accessory devices such as window and door sensors, motion detectors, and cameras. If their signal isn't strong, they will fail to respond, or your system will not be able to cover your whole house, forcing you to purchase an expensive wired system. With our wireless home security system, we have advanced technology that blows the other wireless systems away.

Because of this advanced communication system, we can also offer many more additional services such as flood monitoring, driveway monitoring all from the same system. Our system includes:

• 1x HUB

• 2x Window & Door Sensors

• 1x Motion Detector

• 6 months of free monitoring.

w/ 6 months monitoring service

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