Pepper Spray for Self Defense

We offer only the highest quality and most potent strength of Pepper Spray. There are 3 types of self defense spray commonly referred to as Pepper Spray, they are OC, MN, and MS. you only want to purchase OC that is made purely from the hot pepper, where the others are irritants OC is actually a Inflammatory it causes real reaction, and stops the attacker from the burning sensation, and the inflaming of their airway, making it hard to breath. This reaction often lasts 30-45 minutes with the brand and strength we offer. Another important thing to consider is the age of your Pepper Spray. Pepper Spray has a shelf life of about 4 yrs and starts to lose its potency. never purchase Pepper Spray from mom and pop stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and of course flee markets, often these products can be expired. We dispose of any sprays we have in inventory over three months. and we Guarantee our products. Also if you use your spray in self defense, send us a copy of the police report and we will replace your Pepper Spray free of charge.  

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