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General Public Workshop "How To Stay Safe In Unsafe Situations"

This workshop is geared toward the general public and is designed to educate you on how a criminal thinks, and the one thing they fear. we discuss crime statistics and what that means to you. Then we discuss how you can prevent being a victim with useful strategies such as situational awareness techniques. We also share with you the latest technology, products and their proper use. We will cover home defense, protecting yourself while exercising in public, out late in unfamiliar settings and we discuss topics such as whether or not a firearm is right for you and the potential legal complications. It is important to note that we do not take a stand for or against firearms; we merely discuss all sides for your knowledge and protection. this course is two and a half hours plus what we call a Firearms meet and greet, where you can touch and experience a firearm and learn some basic skills, you can experience potential threat situations and learn how you would respond. ( The firearm meet and greet is subject to your local jurisdictions laws) We do offer discounts for multiple ticket purchases. contact us for discounts as well as the nearest, workshop and dates dates.

$28.00 per person

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