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Law Enforcement Advanced Technique Training System

Our law enforcement training system is unmatched in the industry. Our system takes you on a never ending training journey where your department has full access to knowledge based training as well as high intensity, high stress situations with the help of the most current and custom built technology. We deliver the training at your location and the complete training system stays with you inhouse. We deliver complete training to every member year around. Are you familiar with the ALERRT Training? What kind of entry should you make dynamic or threshold? These are decisions and training programs you should be working on regularly, not just once or twice a year. Maybe you want to look at advanced CQB training, but it has been outside of the departments budget. Police officers are being tested daily by the public on their rights, and pushing the limits on right or wrong. Today officers need to know the law and how it is applied. Our training is classroom based, as well as under the hood situational training through Virtual Reality. We put the training system into your facility, teach you how to use it, and allow your officers to train when they want. We loan you the equipment for an annual fee that is often less than the cost of airfare, meals, and hotel expenses to train with other programs. Pricing is based on the size of the department. Contact us to learn more, or get a quote with no obligation.

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