Violence Prevention Courses

Violence Prevention Training Programs

Violence Prevention Training Programs

Situational Awareness Training - Employee

per class of 25
This course is designed to help you develop and hone your ability to recognize potential …
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School Active Shooter Prevention System

We are the only company that can offer active shooter "prevention" training. Run, Hide, …
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How To Identify The Next Active Shooter

per person (Free to Assoc)
Learn why the FBI and the Secret Service say that Mental Health is not a good indicator …
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Critical Aggression Prevention System

We offer the only system that truly prevents mass casualty events. This system combines …
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Law Enforcement Advanced Technique Training System

Our law enforcement training system is unmatched in the industry. Our system takes you …
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Situational Awareness training - General Public

up to 25 attendees
This 90 minute Situational Awareness training course is designed to help you become more …
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General Public Workshop "How To Stay Safe In Unsafe …

per person
This workshop is geared toward the general public and is designed to educate you on how …
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Complimentary Guest Speaker Service

We would gladly provide a guest speaker for your upcoming meeting or event to speak on …
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Church Safety Package

Complete package
Churches and Houses of Worship are sacred places of refuge and peace, but unfortunately, …
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